Author: Shauntay

My name is Shauntay and I am a self-proclaimed “Glam greedy girl” who is on a mission to share my passion for cooking with millennial women all over the world. My goal is to inspire millennials to become more comfortable in the Kitchen. It is my belief that our mothers and grandmothers should not be the only people in the family that are able to make delicious meals that are full of flavor and love. I grew up in south Florida, which is a melting pot of various cooking styles and had access to every type of soul food, seafood, and Caribbean food you can think of. I can remember watching in amazement as my mother skillfully prepared many southern and international dishes, which later led me to become curious about recreating the same outcome. As I got older, cooking not only became my passion but also my therapy as I went through various trials. My Kitchen is a place where I can turn on my favorite music , pour myself a cocktail or glass of wine, and create a tasty masterpiece. Cooking does not have to be a headache or a hassle, and If I can make the Kitchen less spooky to my fellow millennial, then I have done my job.

Baked Italian Dressing Whole Chicken

I don’t recall if I first saw my mother or a relative use salad dressing while cooking meat as a child but I do know that I took that cooking tip / trick with me well into my adulthood. Cooking with oil based salad dressing is a game changer. It acts as a…

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Oven Bag Pot Roast

Summer is still here for another few weeks but I wanted to come through with a tasty, hearty recipe. I made this oven bag pot roast for a Sunday dinner and it was a hit ! This oven bag pot roast is full of flavor and tender because it is slow cooked in…

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Air Fryer BBQ Chicken

At this point, my air fryer and I are pretty much in a full blown relationship. Lol I love using it because it’s a quick and less fatty way to enjoy a lot of dishes that I enjoy. Chicken wings are normally what I cook most in my air fryer but I decided…

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Creamy Pasta Salad

Summer is here and y’all – it’s hotter than anything here in Texas! This recipe is a twist on classic pasta salad , which is made normally made with Italian dressing, but I mixed it with a mayonnaise because I live a creamy pasta salad . Feel free to add extra veggies or…

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Quickie Jiffy Sweet Cornbread

I must admit, when it comes to cornbread – I like it sweet like cake. Now, there are people that beg to differ but to me there is nothing tastier than a slice of sweet cornbread. It just balances out whatever other main dish you’re having in my opinion . This recipe is…

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Oven Bag BBQ Turkey Wings

Turkey wings are such a slept on meat. The problem is , most people associate baked turkey meat with dry and tough memories. This recipe is a game changer because it gives you tender , flavorful Turkey wings. I use an oven bag for my Turkey wings and they come out perfect every…

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