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Let the holiday countdown begin ! November 1st is a date that makes me crave Turkey , ham , and all the yummy Thanksgiving / Christmas dinner comfort foods.

My new recipe for Oven Bag Cajun Herb Bone in Turkey breast is everything – and I know that you are going to enjoy it. There is no need to make a whole Turkey if you have a smaller family or are hosting a small gathering – make a well seasoned Turkey breast instead .

I used the Turkey drippings to make a nice, tasty gravy and it was the perfect topping to my moist Turkey breast. I served this with mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese , and garlicky green beans – all of the side dish recipes are available on the blog as well so check them out !

Seasonings and herbs used
I used a bone in ,6 pound Turkey breast – make sure you remove the giblets and gravy packet when taking it out of the packaging (unless you want to use that for your gravy instead of making your own )
Well seasoned Cajun Herb Turkey breast before we close up the oven bag
This bone in Turkey breast is ready to go into the oven
Fresh out the oven , this Turkey breast is ready to be carved
Cajun Turkey gravy that is easy to make yet delish !
I served my Cajun Herb Turkey Breast + gravy with mashed potatoes, Mac n cheese , and garlicky green beans

Serves 4-6



6 -7 pound bone in , skin on Turkey breast

1/2 tsp Lawrys Seasoned Salt (25% less sodium version )

1/2 tsp Badia Complete seasoning

1 + 1/2 tbsp Old bay

1/4 tsp Ground black pepper

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

3 sprigs rosemary

3 sprigs thyme

1 cup unsalted or low sodium chicken broth

1 Turkey size oven bag



1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2.Rub Turkey breast with 1 tablespoon of olive oil

3.Season both sides of Turkey breast with seasoned salt , complete seasoning , old bay, and ground black pepper

4.In a large deep oven safe pan , lay out oven bag

5.Add rosemary and thyme sprigs to the oven bag

6.Add seasoned Turkey to the oven bag

7.Pour chicken stock around Turkey breast

8.Tie bag and bake Turkey breast for 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours (reduce or increase time based on the size of your Turkey breast )

9. Remove from oven and open bag, baste Turkey in pan juices

10. Use a meat thermometer to check temp of Turkey it should be 165 to be considered fully cooked

11. Let Turkey breast rest for 5-10 minutes

12. Carve, serve , and enjoy !

Cajun Turkey Gravy


2 tbsp unsalted butter

2 tbsp flour

1 cup Turkey drippings

1 cup unsalted or low sodium chicken broth

Old bay seasoning + black pepper to taste


1.Melt unsalted butter in a saucepan

2.Add flour and stir until thickened (make sure your heat is on medium low, you don’t want to do this on high heat )

3. Slowly pour in the reserved Turkey drippings and stir well until a sauce forms

4.Slowly stir in chicken broth

5. Slowly stir for about 5 minutes on medium low and season to taste with old bay and pepper (do not over season it , the Turkey is already seasoned )

6. Remove from heat and serve over the Turkey breast