Air Fryer BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings

Well , I guess you all can welcome me into the air fryer fan club. I purchased one for Black Friday and I am absolutely in love ! The air fryer cooks food quickly and is oh so convenient for week day meals ! I will be bringing air fryer recipes to the blog for sure , because I love this kitchen tool already. This recipe is for air fryer bbq jerk chicken wings . I combine my all purpose seasoning ( ) , jerk seasoning and browning sauce to make some tasty wings. Then they are tossed in one of my favorite bbq sauces. As always , enjoy and let me know how you like them !

Serves 1-2


  • 12 wingettes (or 6 whole wings )
  • 1/4 teaspoon Glam Kitchen adobo all purpose seasoning (Order at )
  • 1 teaspoon browning
  • 1 tablespoon wet jerk seasoning
  • 4 tablespoon your fave bbq sauce


1. In a large bowl, add chicken wings , all purpose seasoning , browning, and jerk seasoning- mix well until chicken is fully coated

2. Put wings in air fryer and cook for 20-22 minutes on 390 – flip halfway through the cook time

3. In a clean large bowl add bbq sauce and cooked chicken wings – toss them until wings are fully coated with the bbq sauce

4. Serve and enjoy !

10 thoughts on “Air Fryer BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings

  1. Where do you usually find the Walkerswood Seasoning?

  2. Made these exactly and in my air fryer tonight for the first time. They were a hit with the family!

  3. If I don’t have browning will these still be good? What does the browning do? Any subs ?

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