Glam Kitchen Adult Capri Suns

Capri suns were an epic part of my child hood. I remember being in the grocery store and wanting them so bad! Now that I’m older, I realize that they were marketing geniuses. I’m sure that we enjoyed drinking the juice out of a bag more than the actual flavor lol. Fast forward to my adult years , about 2 years ago I went to a seafood restaurant in Atlanta and I saw that they served cocktails in large juice bags. I immediately ordered one ! I was legit reliving those childhood memories all while having a tasty cocktail. During this quarantine period I have been ordering a lot of things off Amazon and I got the idea to recreate those restaurant cocktails in a bag -but at home! I literally searched “adult capri sun pouches” in amazon and voila ! This cocktail recipe uses dark rum and coconut rum to make a fruity, delicious drink.As always , enjoy and let me know how they come out for you !

Glam Kitchen Tips

  • The drink pouches can be found on Amazon and Etsy
  • If you can’t find the bags it’s still lit so just use a regular glass and enjoy !

Makes 4 (16 ounce ) drink pouches


  • 1 cup Dark rum (I used the Bacardi Black brand)
  • 1 cup Coconut flavored rum (I used the Malibu brand )
  • 4 cups Mixed berry juice (I used the Simply brand )
  • 2 cup Orange Pineapple juice ( I used the Dole brand)
  • 1 Large Orange , cut into slices
  • 4 large Strawberries , cut in halves with leaves and stems removed


  1. In a large pitcher , combine dark rum, coconut rum , mixed berry juice, and orange pineapple juice
  2. Stir well until fully combined
  3. Add 2 strawberry pieces and 1 orange slice to the drink pouches
  4. Pour the cocktail mix into the bags
  5. Chill or let them sit on ice
  6. Serve and enjoy !

8 thoughts on “Glam Kitchen Adult Capri Suns

  1. Great drink idea for my upcoming birthday! I like the way you presented the ingredients and tools sued to make the drink.

  2. I’m making these to take to the beach for my birthday! Pouches will be here tomorrow 😁. Thank you!

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