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Let’s face it , for the most part, most of us don’t want to be cooking time consuming meals every day of the week. Air fryers are great because they cut down the cook time and allow you to have yummy meals in minutes instead of hours. This recipe is a flavorful air fryer chicken wings recipe that is packed with flavor ! The fresh garlic and Rosemary truly takes this air fryer chicken recipe to another level. As always , let me know what you think and enjoy !

Serves 1-2


◦ 10 -12 chicken wings

◦ 1 teaspoon glam kitchen adobo (order at )

◦ 1.5 teaspoon lemon garlic herb

◦ 1/2 teaspoon ground red pepper

◦ 1 /2 tablespoon fresh rosemary

◦ 2 tablespoon unsalted butter

◦ 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

◦ 2 cloves of garlic , minced


1. Season wings with all purpose seasoning , lemon garlic herb , ground red pepper , and rosemary – mix well so that all wings are coated with seasoning

2. Air fry wings at 380 degrees for 23 minutes

3. Remove from air fryer

4. Melt butter , then add lemon juice and minced garlic -stir well

5. Toss the wings in the lemon butter sauce

6. Serve and enjoy !