Author: Shauntay

My name is Shauntay and I am a self-proclaimed “Glam greedy girl” who is on a mission to share my passion for cooking with millennial women all over the world. My goal is to inspire millennials to become more comfortable in the Kitchen. It is my belief that our mothers and grandmothers should not be the only people in the family that are able to make delicious meals that are full of flavor and love. I grew up in south Florida, which is a melting pot of various cooking styles and had access to every type of soul food, seafood, and Caribbean food you can think of. I can remember watching in amazement as my mother skillfully prepared many southern and international dishes, which later led me to become curious about recreating the same outcome. As I got older, cooking not only became my passion but also my therapy as I went through various trials. My Kitchen is a place where I can turn on my favorite music , pour myself a cocktail or glass of wine, and create a tasty masterpiece. Cooking does not have to be a headache or a hassle, and If I can make the Kitchen less spooky to my fellow millennial, then I have done my job.

“Dinner for Bae” Surf N Turf

As Valentines Day approaches, I wanted to share a lit recipe so that you can cook a delicious meal for your bae instead of going out to eat and waiting a few hours to be seated. Home cooked meals are much more intimate as well as cost efficient. Usually the week before Valentine’s…

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Simple + Delish Tex Mex Dip

It’s Super bowl weekend and although I am surely not a football lover, I like getting cute and going to watch the big events like this one( don’t judge me lol). The cool thing about game days are the abundance of food, drinks, and the energetic atmosphere. This is a spin on classic…

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Fajita Style Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs are probably the most slept on part of the chicken. Although I love white meat, there is nothing better than dark meat pieces when they are seasoned well and oven baked. Dark meat is generally cheaper , but that doesn’t mean it has to taste basic. This recipe was honestly just…

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Creamy Salmon Rasta Pasta

Jamaican jerk salmon tops a delectably creamy and cheesy pasta. Customize your heat on the fish and cool it off with the cream sauce. You won’t be disappointed! I was originally going to put this recipe in my seafood eBook, but I decided that the Glam Kitchen Gang needed a new, lit pasta…

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Pineapple Honey Bbq Meatballs #AD

This weeks recipe is sponsored by Dollar General! This recipe is perfect for your upcoming holiday dinner parties and potlucks. The holiday season is usually super busy and having a recipe handy that will feed a crowd and also make them remember you can be a game changer. Traditionally meatballs are made with…

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Weeknight Oven Jerk Chicken

There are some meals that are my go to dishes during the week. When your work schedule is hectic, and adulting leaves you borderline exhausted, the last thing that you want to do is wait 3-4 hours for dinner to be done. Traditionally jerk chicken tastes the absolute best when it is grilled,…

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